Friday, 15 June 2018

Summer homework topic 'Holidays'

We have had lots of great 'Holidays' homework completed. Thank you to the children and any adults or siblings that helped them to research, create and present their homework. The children worked on maps, leaflets, posters and models to find out more about places around the world.
 Created a map of Majorca and a map of how to get from his home to the school.

Created poster about Australia

Created 3D model of the Peak District where she had visited with her family including a mountain, house where she stayed and water slide.

Wrote numbers, colours and clothing in the French language and drew the French flag.

Researched facts about Majorca and created an information poster.

Researched about Italy and created folder of facts about places and landmarks. Made traditional Italian foods at home; lasagna and garlic bread

Made an Italian flag pizza with each other. They even made the pizza base too.

Created poster about facts bout Portugal.

Wrote about places he had visited during holiday and weekends, such as Warwick Castle, Menorca, Poland, Jersey and Cornwall.

Created a treasure map and used North, South, East and West to explain to the reader how to find the treasure.

Researched and wrote about a particular type food from New Zealand called Neenish tarts. She made some and then wrote a set of instructions to explain how to make them.

Wrote about Turkey; it's climate, where it is in the world, the seas around it, population, capital city and it's food.

Created poster places in Paris that had visited with her family. Translated some English words and phrases into French.

Created map of journey from home to school. Made a holiday brochure about different places.

Wrote about Crete and showed postcards from Crete. Created model of the villa she stayed in using lego.

Made  beach out of lego, including the sea, sun loungers, fishes in the water, turtles and monkeys in the trees. Wrote about where she had visited and labelled these places on a map.

Created a 3D model of the largest volcano in Hawaii, complete with facts surrounding it.

Created an Hawaiian volcano using paper mache, paint and shredded paper, with the Hawaiian flag.

Researched and wrote facts and pictures about Portugal.

Created a model of a church with lego.

Visited Holland and showed a brochure all about where she had visited, including a large water park.

Made a summer Pistou stew, a French recipe.

Used compass directions to create a map, and added compass showing North, South, East and West.

Created a 3D model of the Empire State building out of lego. Then found out facts about this New York building.

Showed a powerpoint presentation about 'The Cats Islands of Japan'.

Wrote a postcard all about his holiday in Hunstanton. He found out and wrote the address of the school and sent it to his teachers.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

What wildlife is there in our school grounds?

As part of the Summer topic, 'Whose world is it anyway?', Mulberry Class walked around the school grounds and noticed some amazing plants and wildlife.

We identified trees, plants and habitat spaces. 

We also noticed all the wildlife that live in and around the plants such as bees, birds and insects.

So why is the wildlife more active in certain areas such as the pond and around the flowers?
Some suggested this is where the food is, and that they are attracted to bright things like flowers and one of our t-shirts!!!

Monday, 23 April 2018

Spring Homework Stone Age

The class got really interested in the past, and researched and created  lots of different things related to the Stone Age. They also enjoyed their science topic on 'Rocks and soils', and became very good rock detectives!

Created a fact sheet about the Stone Age

Created a spear, a torch with flames, an axe that can turn into a hammer and 2 knives using lego bricks. Researched into Stone Age animals, and wrote them in alphabetical order.

Shared some Stone Age fossils facts and made casts of different fossils. Shared an amber necklace.

 Created a large village full of Stone Age homes and a fire pit

Found some information about the Stone Age houses found in West Harling. Created Stone Age bowls and jewellery using different art techniques from clay and small shells.

Made a poster with facts about the Stone Age focussing on tools, animals, clothes, food and homes. Showed a collection of stone, rocks and gemstone.

Showed a fossil and matching game.

Showed some granite with fossils inside it.

 Completed a big display of a Stone Age timeline including using pictures from the internet, and showed a piece of flint that they had found.

Made a Stone Henge model out of lego. Created a canvas painting of Stone Henge. Made a fact sheet about Stone Age tools, jewellery and cave paintings.

Brought in  a collection of precious stones.

 Showed a picture of Stone Henge, and shared a power point display created about the Stone Age, showing extensive research into the subject.

Used the internet to research into and then wrote a list of Stone Age animals in alphabetical order. Create a leaflet about the Stone Age. Shared a flint stone found.

Made Stone Age people that looked like little puppets. Created a Stone Age timeline and cave painting. Found some pieces of flint.

Created Stone Henge from lego

These children also completed some homework but we do not have the photos of their work:
* A picture of a Stone Age man, and showed famous landmarks of Stone Age archaeological digs.
* Made their own Stone Age weapon out of clay, sticks and wire. They also made jewellery out of clay
* Showed a folder all about Stone Age buildings using minecraft.
* Created a Stone Age scene using clay, twigs, moss and stones.
* Showed facts and pictures found out about the Stone Age.
* Showed a selection of interesting rocks, as collects them, including a rock from a book about minerals.
* Wrote a list of Stone Age animals and put them in alphabetical order.
* Created a logo model of Stone Henge.
* Shared Stone Age facts that she researched online, These were presented using word processed program.
* Shared a Stone Age cave.
* Found out facts about the Stone Age. Sketched a hand, tools and 2 cave men to look like cave paintings.
* Showed sketched of a Stone Age person fighting a bear